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Ten pathways towards a robust, inclusive, sustainable and resilient seed sector in South Sudan

Authors: Gerrit-Jan van Uffelen, Abishkar Subedi, Tony Ngalamu, Marja Thijssen, Salah Jubarah, Victor Silvano Bennet, Kate Longley, Ronnie Vernooy, Maurice Mogga

Organisations: Wageningen University and Research, University of Juba, Directorate of Agricultural Research, Catholic Relief Services, The Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT, FAO South Sudan

  1. Developing a national seed policy and seed regulatory framework.

  2. Strengthening seed sector coordination, digital inclusion and partnerships.

  3. Supporting the transition from seed relief to seed sector development.

  4. Strengthening farmer-based seed systems.

  5. Supporting the development of the private seed sector.

  6. Establishing a decentralised seed quality assurance system.

  7. Establishing a national gene bank linked to community seed banks.

  8. Strengthening crop breeding and access to new varieties.

  9. Establishing public-private partnerships in foundation seed production.

  10. Capacity building of key government departments and public institutes.

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